TK Gymfit Christmas Show 2022

tk gym fit xmas show 2022

Christmas  / December Show
Sunday 11th Dec, 2-4 pm at Tong Academy (High School), BD4 6NR

As advertised on Facebook and Instagram (and soon to be up on the website), this year’s show will be held in warm, dry and comfy seats! Tickets are £5 (under 5’s free) and are available from reception. All children will be learning routines in a segment of the lessons between now and Dec 11th (it’s a useful gymnastics and memory activity). Everyone is invited to take part, but it’s not compulsory if you can’t make the date, please let us know. Costumes will be cheap and easy to source (tinsel, PJs, white T-shirts, scarves etc.). All routine info will be on the website soon ( There will also be stalls, raffles, refreshments and awards for the children who take part (any donations for the raffle are very welcome, please drop off at the gym reception) xx


Parent info

Class approx no’s Music Equipment Costume
Pre-school 8 Stand up sit down, Music, Music, music spots Favourite outfit / dress / christmas PJ’s
Monday 4-5 and 5-6pm 20 Hey Santa Santa Hats, white thsirt, black shorts / leggings
Monday 6-8pm 16 Snowman White top half (Shirt/jumper, tshirt), Black bottom half, Scarf
Comp Squad and FVT 22 Pirates N/A Pirate head scarfs, white, red and black clothing
RG 5-7pm 7 Little Mix – Power Ball TK RG Vest, black leggings
RG Comp group 6 Half Light Ribbon,Hoop TK RG Vest, black leggings
Individual 1 Floor Music Ribbon Leotard
Tues Boys 12 James Bond All Black
Weds 4-5pm, 5-6pm and 4-6pm group 30 Reindeers Reindeer ears (£1 to get from TK), brown, black, white or cream clothes
Pre-Squad 7 Home for Christmas Christmas sparkle dress
Thurs 4pm and 5pm 25 Underneath the tree Silks Christmas Jumpers
Sat 9am and 10am 20 Sparkle and Shine White, Silver or Gold clothes. Tinsel Provided by TK on the day.
Sat 11 and 12 20 Walking in the air Plain White Top half and black bottom half
Sat 1-3pm 18 Sweet Caroline Scarfs Red, white and blue and football kits


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