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Gym Display 2021

TK Gymfit Gymnastics Display 2021

Saturday Nov 6th 3:30pm and 5pm

Due to Covid restrictions we did not hold our annual Summer display this July. We have chosen to move this to 6th Nov and hold a small event to showcase our range of gymnastics.

We will have 2 identical run throughs of 15 performances. All gymnasts are invited to be involved and required to perform in both displays on the day(3:30pm – 4:30pm and 5- 6pm). The shows and performances will last approximately 60 mins.

Each family are allocated 2 tickets (£2.50 per ticket).

Gymnasts to arrive at 3:15pm and will be dispersed at 6pm after the second display. Gymnasts will supervised by staff and leaders for the duration of the performances.

Please send your child with a water bottle and a coat to take on and off between routines ( we will provide a snack)

Costumes / clothing for performances are as below:

Boys class – ‘Thriller’- Plain Black or TK Gymnasts Tshirt – scary makeup if you can!

Pre-school – ‘Coco’ – their favourite outfits/ fancy dress costume.

4-5pm class (Saturday 10am) ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Dance monkey’ – TK gymnast tshirts or black Tshirt and black leggings/ shorts

Competition group- ‘From now on’ – competition leotards

5-6pm (Saturday 11am) – ‘Good for You’ White shirts and black shorts / leggings

Intermediate/ advanced group ( Monday 6pm and Saturday 1pm) – ‘Lets Get Loud’ – black leggings and plain Tshirt of any colour (red/ blue/ purple/ pink/ yellow/ orange/ green)

Rhythmic 4-6pm class – ‘Among Us’

Pre- Squad – ‘Happy working song’ Leotard of choice

Saturday 12 noon – ‘Burn’ Black leggings/ shorts and red/ yellow/ orange plain Tshirt

Rhythmic Squad – ‘Chandelier’ RG costume

Floor Vault Tumble – ‘Firework’ Black Leggings/ shorts and red/yellow/ orange Tshirt


Tickets are limited to 2 per family

TK Gymfit Gymnastics Display 3
TK Gymfit Gymnastics Display 2
TK Gymfit Gymnastics Display 1