Boys Gymnastics in Bradford

Recreational boy gymnastics classes for aged 3 and up

Boys gymnastics Bradford

Our gymnastics sessions for boys are fun and friendly, building on fitness, confidence and co-ordination while completing the British Gymnastics proficiency badge scheme. 

Our classes are all run by vetted British Gymnastics accredited coaches. The club’s focus is on getting the basics of gymnastics right before progressing toward competitive programmes whilst all the time ensuring boys have a fun, rewarding and positive gymnastics experience.

Our gymnasts work on skills across Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault and Bars. 

In addition to our regular mixed classes, we have boys only classes, which allows the boys more freedom to let off steam than in the other mixed classes. This class is more based on strength and tumble and is a bit louder and crazier than our mixed classes!


4 - 5.00
Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
4 - 6.00
5 - 6.00
Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
6 - 8.00
2 hr Squad Gymnastics (inc Inters, Advanced)
7 - 8.00 Teenage Gymnastics Class
9.30 - 10.15
Parent & Toddler / Pre-School Gymnastics
10.30-11.15 Pre School Advanced ( invite only)
4 - 7.00 Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics
5 - 7.00 Junior Rhythmic Gymnastics
5 - 6.00 Boys Only Gymnastics class 1
5 - 7.00 Boys Only Gymnastics class 2
7 - 8.00 Quiet Class (Additional Needs Gymnastics)
4 - 5.00
Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
Competition Gymnastics Group (4-5.50)
5 - 6.00 Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
6 - 8.00 Floor, Vault & Tumble Gymnastics
7 - 8.00 Teenage Gymnastics Class
4 - 5.00
Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
4 - 6.00 Junior Intermediate
5 - 6.00 Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
5 - 8.00 Competition Gymnastics Group
7.30-8.30 Adult Gymnastics
FRIDAY Available for Parties!
6 - 7.00 Quiet Class (Additional Needs Gymnastics)
9 - 11.00
Pre-Squad session 2
9 - 12.00 Competition Gymnastics Group
10 - 11.00 Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
11 - 12.00 Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
12 - 13.00 Mixed Girls & Boys Rec
1 - 3.00 Squad Gymnastics (inc Inters, Advanced & Pre-Squad
3 - 4.00 Parent & Toddler / Pre-School Gymnastics
SUNDAY Available for Parties!


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What members say about Boys Gymnastics sessions in Bradford

My son absolutely loved attending

5* Review on Facebook

My son absolutely loved attending TK Gymfit yesterday. It was his first time and wanted to practice at home straight away. All the coaches and staff are brilliant and very very supportive. A must for all parents that would like their children to learn gymanistics regardless of age/level as the staff and peer groups help so much.

Asad, Parent

Great, supportive team

Comment on Facebook

‘Fantastic place and great supportive team. My daughter attends and absolutely loves it. A big WELL done and thank you’

Emma, Parent

Can't wait for her next class

Comment on Facebook

‘My daughter has moved up already, she loves it, can’t wait for her next class ( stops her from smashing my furniture to bits)’

Nick, Parent

So glad I have brought my son here

5* review on Facebook

‘Leo loves it as do I watching the fun he has….. great friendly coaches who I would recommend to anyone….. I am waiting for the adult class :)’

M. Smith, Parent

Information about membership prices

Prices March 2019 Fees payable monthly or Direct Debit

1 hour per week £6

2 hours per week £10

3 hours per week £12.50

4 hours per week £15

We politely request a monthly fee for the amounts below to support are all year round costs for coaches and our facility.

1 hour per week = £24 Monthly DD (48 wks x £6 ÷ 12 mths)

2 hours per week = £40 DD (48 wks x £10 ÷ 12 mths)

3 hours per week = £50 DD (48 wks x £12.50 ÷ 12 mths)

4 hours per week = £60 DD (48 wks x £15 ÷ 12 mths)

TK gymfit is open 48 weeks of the year.

Summer closure - close after classes on Tuesday 24th August, re-open Weds 1st September.

We will close for Christmas and New Year - dates to be advised.

Please note

A set monthly payment is required for membership and taking part in the TK Gymfit classes. This allows for the same amount to be paid each month and spreading the cost over the year. If you are away on holiday and don't want to miss out on classes already paid for, please see coaches for alternative sessions to attend to make this up.

07932 024 542

Gym Centre, Harry Street, Bradford BD4 9PH

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